Thursday, March 18, 2010

A dream

dear friends,

we all know India is a poor country & on top of that huge population spread over vast land has further compromised
health care delivery to masses. my idea of creating a software like "prescrioption pad"
was to facilitate quality health care to masses at grass root level through this software i have tried to equip
a treating physician with latest knowledge about drugs,
diagnostic workup for a disease & their evidence based treatment modalities
so that even with bare minimum professional degree/ qualification he
is able to diagnose & treat a patient fairly well. as every one knows no well qualified doctor wants to go to
remote villages and so these villages are full of quacks or under qualified doctors through this software one can
even send make e-consultation with his seperiors if he has internet connection through which he can send patients
details along with his photographs taken by webcam of any digital camera. i think by such software i can improve
health care delivery at remote places & help general masses.

dr. Anil vij

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