Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Medical treatment

Dear friends,
in my earlier blog i had given introduction to the software i have developed in the last few years. in fact the idea came to my mind in year 1982 when i shifted to delhi and my next door neighbour was a computer professional. during light conversations i came to know that computers can very easily handle comparative studies. so at that time it struk me that why not we arrange signs & symptoms of each and every disease and make a database which should be compared with the presentation of patient's sign & symptoms and at the end of it computer can give us some possible diagnosis. that was the first time when this idea struk me. at that time computers were very costly & i had just started my practice & could not even think of spending a single penny on this type of venture. after almost 15 yrs of practice when i could establish good practice in Delhi i started working on this all by myself. i consulted soem computer professionals & was advised to work on Dbase to develop this kind of software. i learned Dbase and i 2 yrs time made some scrach of software which could compare signs & symptoms of patients with the disease database & could give out first 10 possibilities on percentage bases. one day when i was seeing some thing in the utility one of my patient came to consult me along with his son who was software developer. he saw me working on Dbase programme and was very impressed with the idea and offered his help to develop it into a really world class software. that is the day since when we started working seriously for such quest. it took us three years to develop our first version of the software which we launched in year 2003. it was taken up by doctors very well with huge appreciation. seeing the scope of the software and the possibility that it could help doctors write fool proof prescriptions we delved further in the development and have produced a master piece which has no parallel in the world.
we are going to put demo version of the software on our website and i invite you to download it and see yourself its working & usefulness.
i would certainly wait for the comments.

dr anil vij

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  1. Well, that's great! All your practices turns out to your very own developed software. I am so happy for you. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward for your next post.

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